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About me

My alias is Xevrac, Xev for short. I am a Telecommunications & Network Technician by day, a Husband, father and gamer by night.

I love cars, technology, hospitality and the outdoors. I won't say no to an R34 Skyline 😁, an awesome /r/homelab solution, a delicious Aussie pub-feed, or a toss between a mountainous hike or cycle 🏃‍♂🚵

About Xevnet

Xevnet started as a passion project and continues to provide a place for players to enjoy various games.

We are more than just a gaming community; it's a friendly, open, and encouraging space where passionate gamers come together to create unforgettable experiences. Founded and operated in Australia, our mission is to build a thriving community that fosters camaraderie and excitement among players from all walks of life.

The team behind Xevnet are constantly working to enhance the user experience, striving to give you the best gaming adventure possible. Your support means the world to us, as it directly contributes to upgrading our hardware and covering the ongoing costs of running this passionate project.

What started as a passion project has evolved into a thriving community, with over 200 members and counting. As we continue to grow, our mission remains the same - to prioritize fun and enjoyable content for all players.

So, whether you're a seasoned gamer or new to the world of multiplayer adventures, Xevnet welcomes you with open arms. Join us, be part of the excitement, and let's embark on countless gaming escapades together! 🥳


Operating servers efficiently and effectively requires a considerable amount of electrical power. In Australia, where Xevnet is based, this energy consumption translates to approximately 200-300kWh per 0.33 $AUD/kWh.

These costs quickly add up, highlighting the importance of understanding the overhead associated with running and maintaining servers.

To continue offering a high-quality gaming experience and support the community's growth, Xevnet seeks the support of generous patrons through platforms like Patreon and Ko-Fi. Contributions from these dedicated supporters play a vital support role of handling the server overhead, allowing Xevnet to focus on enhancing infrastructure, acquiring custom content, and ensuring a welcoming and engaging environment for all players.

Lets break it down with some math!

For 300kWh: Monthly Cost = 300 kWh x 0.33 $AUD/kWh Cost = 99 $AUD

Quarterly expenses (3 months): Quarterly Cost = Monthly Cost x Number of Months Quarterly Cost = 99 $AUD x 3 Quarterly Cost = 297 $AUD

Yearly expenses (12 months): Yearly Cost = Monthly Cost x Number of Months Yearly Cost = 99 $AUD x 12 Yearly Cost = 1,188 $AUD


Special thank you to Brandon and Aaron for their contributions 👋


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