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Our current contribution goal.
Yearly cost is approximately $AUD 1,188 at time of publishing.
8% Completed
92% Remaining
Special thanks to our supporters!
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Disclaimer Regarding Patreon and Xevnet:

Xevnet operates independently and does not rely on Patreon for its existence.
The primary intention behind our Patreon campaign is to assist in lowering operational expenses, such as power bills and hardware maintenance. In the event that we receive revenue beyond covering these basic costs, we may consider reinvesting the surplus into upgrading hardware to enhance the gaming experience further. However, currently, we do not anticipate generating excess revenue through Patreon, and our focus remains on maintaining the community's essential overheads.
The patron rewards and incentives we offer are designed to be directly or indirectly linked to covering operational expenses. For instance, allowing patrons to spawn additional cars in BeamNG could impact server performance if extended to all users, which is why it's tied to patronage.
It's important to note that Xevnet is a passion project, driven by our commitment to provide a safe, inclusive, and encouraging gaming community for niche and emerging games. Our primary reward lies in fostering a positive gaming environment for both staff and community members to play and communicate. Xevnet is not operated as a business, and our focus remains on nurturing our community's well-being.
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