End User License Agreement

At this point in time, this website allows staff registration only for the purposes of game moderation and administration with the tools/services provided. Said tools/services provide the QA fulfillment to the player experience and subsequently fall under the designated EULA of the game/title in question and not with this website, or it's owner.

This information is stored in a secure manner that abides by the Australian Privacy Principles. This type of information is your; email address, pseudo-username or 'in-game name' as well as your desired password. Your password is stored in a secure and cryptographic manor. If you would like to learn more; see Laravel Jetstream.

Users whom are registered trust that Xevnet will not misuse the information given and conduct appropriately, as such Xevnet expects no user to attempt misconduct or malicious acts that may be in breach with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 or relevant.

Individuals can change/alter their own password and email address. If a user wishes to change their 'Username' they must request this via the 'Access' page for an administrator to approve or deny.

No personal information will be disclosed as a part of registering nor does Xevnet have any plans to in the future. If you believe this site is in breach with the Australian Privacy Principles please first raise your concern with the webmaster. Contactable via the aforementioned social links throughout the site; or via email: contact@xevrac.com - It is a requirement to attempt to reach out via another social medium (such as Telegram, Discord etc.) if you do not get a response within 7-14 days.