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What's Xevnet?

Xevnet is a friendly, open and encouraging multiplayer gaming community. Founded and operated in Australia, Xevnet's purpose is to bring together a community of passionate gamers alike.

Chat with our community and share your experiences, or create them with players through the servers we provide!

We offer the opportunity to play multiplayer games over a wide variety of genres. From old to new, from modern favourites, to timeless classics.

Who's Hosting?

Ourselves! Xevnet hosts all server instances locally on a reliable NBNCo connection with optimal speeds. Our equipment is configured with software and hardware redundancy in mind and our infrastructure is constantly improved upon.

We continually aim to make improvements to the user-experience which ultimately provides you, the player with the best experience possible! If you like what we're doing, consider or joining our Patreon as this directly contributes to our hardware upgrades and the ongoing costs associated to this project!

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Join the fun!

If you want to join in, play with mates, have some fun, then check out the Servers tab above!

Be sure to join our Discord community for the best experience. We offer chat rooms and voice channels for the best in text & VoIP communication over every match we have to offer.

Contact Us
We'd love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions, concerns or issues you'd like to report please reach out via Telegram, Discord or Email.
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